Your Path to Leadership

Your Path to Leadership is a series of weekend retreats and workshops focusing on growing personal leadership and well-being.

Where Do You Start?

“Where does change begin? It begins in this room. 


Because this is the room you are in.”

-Peter Block

Vicki McLeod

“If we really want to step up and make a difference…we need to understand that the best place to begin stepping up is wherever you are right now. Stepping up begins when we open our eyes and see that wherever we are, whatever moment we are in, and whatever situation we find ourselves in, stepping up is available to us right there.

…As Arthur Ashe, the late tennis great, once said ‘To achieve greatness, start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can’.”

The above is an excerpt from Chapter 7 of Dr. John Izzo’s book: Stepping Up , How Taking Responsibility Changes Everything. We’ll be giving away a copy of this book at the Starting Where You Are retreat in mid-October.

Questions for you: Where in your life or work are you feeling frustrated? What change are you seeking? How might you start exactly where you are and step up?

– Vicki

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Defining Your Personal Philosophy. Why Bother?

Have you ever thought about what your life’s philosophy is? Do you have one defined? Putting your approach into philosophical terms may seem unnecessary, too elementary or just an academic exercise. Yet, I believe it is an indispensable way to make better choices and lead a more inspired life. To focus on developing a personal philosophy, start by considering that the essential philosophical elements of life are centered on beliefs, concepts or ideas, and attitudes. Simply asked, what is your approach to living your life?

Starting by thinking through this question, I believe, will enable you to begin to define your personal philosophy. Don’t feel you have to reinvent the wheel. Start by keeping it simple (use plain statements). Make it memorable. Most importantly, make it a personal philosophy that you can live with, live in, and live up to each day. Our lives are filled with a constant stream of choices, so let’s make the best ones possible.


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The Value of Defining Your Leadership Philosophy

Steven Hughes

Steven Hughes
Hughes Coaching and Consulting

Creating your own leadership philosophy helps create an environment for things to happen. It enables you to discover what you stand for, what’s important to you, and gives you the ability to articulate this clearly to others. When you establish this personal philosophy, people come to know your expectations and how you are most likely to act. This process leads to mutual trust and confidence and builds a stable foundation upon which long-term relationships can be built, and personal & organizational effectiveness achieved.

To a large extent your success in life is determined by your ability to think, plan, decide, and take action. The stronger your skills are in each of these areas, the faster you will achieve your goals and the happier you will be with your life and career. Personal strategic planning is the tool that takes you from wherever you are to wherever you want to go.

At the Starting Where You Are retreat you will go through a process to define your leadership philosophy, articulate a vision for personal leadership and create your personal action plan.

– Steven

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An Invitation to Personal Leadership

A short video to invite you to join us. Take the step.

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Where Do You Stand?

Putting together Your Path to Leadership has forced me to become more articulate about defining personal leadership and communicating about it to others. Part of the challenge is that we all hold very specific notions about what leadership is and who leaders are – and generally we claim, ‘not me!’

Recently, I lost a dear friend who was a ‘leading light’ in my community. He led in every way that was important. He led with his heart. Despite being a career RCMP and seeing much of the worst in this world on a daily basis, he never became cynical. His business was hope. Hope for a better community, more opportunities for youth, and greater partnerships between interests.

He stood in his personal brand of leadership and let it guide his choices and decisions. And those of us who liked where he stood, followed. We followed by sharing his enthusiasm for doing the right or needed thing, by collaborating on projects to improve local circumstances and by stepping into our own leadership space and taking on ideas.

He exemplified a definition of leadership not as a title, a position, or a designation (although it can be) but leadership as a stance. This means looking at leadership from the perspective of doing whatever it is you can do from whatever position you are in, whether or not anybody follows. Doing what is in your heart for yourself, your family or your community. It’s a powerful position to take and to act from.

At the end of his life my friend claimed contentment and few regrets. His was a life well-lived. He stood on his own ground and took action.

How about you? Where do you stand?


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Early Bird Gets the Best Rate!

And deluxe accommodation!

We’re pleased to offer a discounted rate to those who register before September 15-2012, and a few of the earliest early-birds can upgrade to a one-bedroom suite at no extra charge. Suites are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis, so register now!

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Hello world!

Welcome to Your Path to Leadership. We’re excited to have you join us as we explore the many dimensions of personal growth and leadership. Our team hopes to challenge some of your conventional notions of leadership and work with you as you start from wherever you are and with whatever you are up to in the world and chart a course to be all you can be at home, work or in your community. Each member of our team and our wellness crew are inspired navigators, committed to inner work and outer impact.

You can count on us to be co-creative partners in your quest to deepen your awareness, move forward with your dreams, and stake out new personal territory. Our presentations, workshops and retreats are based on proven coaching frameworks and practical models for success and we are absolutely fanatical about healthy balance and self-care as essential tools for effective living.

So, welcome. Enjoy the trip.

Vicki, Steve, Catherine and Lori

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