Your Path to Leadership

Your Path to Leadership is a series of weekend retreats and workshops focusing on growing personal leadership and well-being.

Pathways Team

Vicki McLeod, ACC, ORSCC

Vicki is a coach and consultant with specialties in organizational and relationship systems coaching, personal and leadership development, strategic planning and communications, facilitation and media and community relations.  She is the founder and President of Main Street Communications Ltd.

Through her work at Main Street, she designs and delivers meaningful communications and change processes for clients in government, education, health care and the arts and environmental sectors.  Her ongoing commitment is to work from the heart and find ways to translate that across multiple dimensions.

While continuing to learn and evolve, Vicki is increasingly interested in mentorship and eldership as extensions of her coaching and consulting practice to use her experience to support individuals and organizations to be truly authentic and effective.

Vicki is devoted to happy idleness and great eats, and is the author of Dishing in the Kitchen, an online coaching and cookery blog. She is also one of the Social Chicks, a trio of social media specialists offering insight, support and tips for building great online community.  She holds a certificate in Non-Profit and Voluntary Sector Management obtained through Imagine Canada and Simon Fraser University and an international certification in Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching obtained through CRR Global.

Current favourite saying: “Follow your heart, but be sure to bring your brain along on the trip.”

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Steven Hughes, Hughes Coaching

Steven Hughes is the author of Speak and Win and an expert in developing organizational and individual potential in Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Retail Customer Service, and Sales.  Steven Has over 20 years of award winning experience in sales, marketing, training, and consulting positions. Steven is a “hands-on” coach who will take you to a level beyond theory to productivity. Steven’s information-intensive programs focus on building the core skills necessary to succeed in Public Speaking, delivering presentations, and optimizing sales.

In 2011, he formed his own training and consulting organization, HUGHES Coaching.

HUGHES Coaching is a company that provides a wide range of services, including training delivery and design, workshop facilitation, performance coaching and sales development consulting. Steven’s specialties include: Public Speaking & presentation skills training, retail customer service assessments & training, developing organizational and individual potential, meeting facilitation, and more.

As a speaker, Steven gives keynotes for organizations and non-profit groups on life-long learning, developing human potential, building winning Sales teams, fostering teamwork, and more.

Steven’s goal is to reach individuals and organizations who believe in the power of action – individuals and organizations that are passionate about succeeding at their highest level.

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Catherine Burns, IRM Training Solutions

Catherine’s current area of work includes delivering effective solutions to support individual and team success in corporate and non-corporate environments.

She has been an executive trainer and coach for 20+ years with companies such as SearsHome Services, Panago Pizza Inc And JP Chase Morgan.  She has developed a passion to support individuals and teams and to be of service. As an educator, coach and manager her focus on the success of others has driven her own success. Her professional ambition is to live to her fullest potential through internal and external reviews. And, to create passion in everything she touches.

Catherine loves to entertain family and friends –  any reason to get together and celebrate life! She has a love/hate relationship with gardening and is most passionate about her three children and their hopes and dreams.

As a leader, she understands it is critical to to continually check-in with herself, develop her skills and most important retreat to renew! She is looking forward to enhancing and supporting every participant’s success.

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Lori Graham, Six Degrees Marketing

Lori is a self-employed marketing professional with a specialty in community economic development. She offers keen insight into corporate and community-based perspectives that connect a broad range of clients to markets for maximum return. She’s also a Social Chick – a collaborative initiative among three marketing, communication and PR professionals offering social media training and strategy to not-for-profits, corporations and individuals.

With a loving family, incredible mentors and inspiring supporters, Lori is committed to her personal and professional development by continually meeting new people and exploring meaningful opportunities. And so far, she’s been having a great time doing this!

Her pleasures include beachcombing with her son, creating beautiful things with her daughter, hiking with her husband and dog and gathering with friends around the fire-pit. BC’s mountains, forests and oceans call her often, and she has no problem heeding the call and photographing her journey along the way.

Lori calls herself a life-long learner and apprentice to her mentors. She is looking forward to crossing a personal edge and embracing her role as a presenter at Starting Where You Are and hopes that this will inspire others to move forward in a path that is meaningful yet may sometimes feels awkard.

The saying, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” is one of her personal favourites…she has a few, but this one takes priority.

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