Your Path to Leadership

Your Path to Leadership is a series of weekend retreats and workshops focusing on growing personal leadership and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Retreat

Why should I attend the ‘Starting Where You Are’ retreat?
Creating your own leadership philosophy helps create an environment for things to happen. It enables you to discover what you stand for, what’s important to you, and gives you the ability to articulate this clearly to others. When you establish this personal philosophy, people come to know your expectations and how you are most likely to act. This process leads to mutual trust and confidence and builds a stable foundation upon which long-term relationships can be built, and personal & organizational effectiveness achieved.

To a large extent your success in life is determined by your ability to think, plan, decide, and take action.  This includes balanced planning for your personal well-being.   The stronger your skills are in each of these areas, the faster you will achieve your goals and the happier you will be with your life and career. Personal strategic planning is the tool that takes you from wherever you are to wherever you want to go. At the Starting Where You Are retreat you will go through a process to define your leadership philosophy, articulate a vision for personal leadership and create your personal action plan.

How many people will be at this retreat?
Approximately 20-25 individuals – this includes retreat participants, the Pathways Team and Wellness Crew.

What’s included in the retreat cost?
Your registration includes two nights’ accommodation at the Cascades Lodge, all sessions, event reception on Friday evening, lunch on Saturday and a continental breakfast on Sunday.

Is this a faith-based/spiritual retreat?
The retreat is not religious, and does not focus on any one specific faith or spiritual practice. These practices may be discussed in reference to self-care and well-being practices such as meditation.

Is the retreat content about a multi-level marketing program?
Absolutely not.

What is the dress code?
Casual and comfortable.

What time does the retreat start?
We encourage all retreat participants to attend the event reception starting at 7:00pm on Friday evening. If you are unable to join us on Friday evening, the first session starts at 8:30am on Saturday morning.

What time does the retreat end?
The retreat will wrap-up at 1:00pm on Sunday afternoon. Participants are welcome to stow luggage and enjoy Whistler’s many amenities.

Is there wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) access in the Lodge & accommodations?
Yes. Wi-Fi is complimentary.


Food & Beverage

What meals are included in the retreat cost?
Light refreshments will be served on Friday evening at the event reception. Lunch will be served on Saturday afternoon. A continental breakfast will be served on Sunday morning. Refreshment breaks on Saturday and Sunday will include coffee, tea, water and fresh fruit.

What meals are not included in the retreat cost?
Dinner on Friday evening. Breakfast and dinner on Saturday. Lunch on Sunday. The retreat will wrap up at 1:00pm on Sunday, October 21.

What if I have special dietary requirements?
Please notify the Pathways Team by emailing before 5:00pm on Wednesday, October 17.

Can I bring/prepare my own food?
Yes. Depending on the room you are staying in, Studio Suites feature a convenience kitchen which includes a hot plate, bar fridge, microwave, kettle and coffee maker and the One Bedroom Suites include a fully-equipped kitchen.

Can I bring my own alcohol?
The Pathways Team will not be providing or serving alcohol at the retreat. You are welcome to bring your own alcohol.

Is there a restaurant in Cascades Lodge?
Cascades Lodge does not have a restaurant.

What restaurants are close to the Cascades Lodge?
The Cascades Lodge is across the street from Whistler Village which has a variety of restaurants, pubs, bistros, and grocery stores. View map or check out the Whistler Dining Guide.



What time can I check-in to the hotel?
Check-in to the Cascades Lodge begins at 4:00pm on Friday, October 19.

What time does the Friday night reception start?
The Friday night reception starts at 7:00pm.

What time is check-out?
Retreat participants will need to check-out of their rooms by 10:00am on Sunday, October 21.

Is there a place to store my luggage after I check-out?
When you check-out, the Cascades Lodge front desk staff can hold your luggage until the end of the retreat if you not want to leave your luggage in your car.


Transportation & Parking

What are the driving directions to get to Cascade Lodge in Whistler?
When driving to the Whistler Cascade Lodge you will travel along HWY 99. Turn at the Main Village Gate entrance to Whistler resort from HWY 99. Then turn left at the first light onto Northlands Boulevard and go ahead 50 meters. You will see the Whistler Cascade Lodge on your left. Pull into the temporary parking area in front of the building to check-in to your accommodations. Once your check-in is completed and you have unloaded your luggage, move your car into the underground parking area. You can walk to everything in Whistler Village so there is no need for a car during your vacation in Whistler resort.

Is a carpool available?
If you require a carpool. Please notify The Pathways Team by sending an email to before Wednesday, October 17 at 5pm.

Where can I park?
The Cascades Lodge has a secured underground parking area.

What is the nightly parking fee?
The nightly fee to park underground at Cascades Lodge is $15 + 12% tax. This fee is payable upon check-in.

Are there any alternate locations to park?
There is a mix of paid and free parking available in Whistler Village at the Day Lots. Lots 1, 2 and 3 are pay parking while Lots 4 and 5 are free. Please note these parking lots are not secured. View map. Source:


What to Bring

Layered Clothing – whether we’re in session in the meeting room or playing or relaxing during our scheduled R&R time, be sure to bring layered clothing so you’re comfortable if the air conditioning is or isn’t on or if Mother Nature decides to cool things down.

Bathing Suit/Swim Shorts – take advantage of the hot tub, pool and sauna amenities.

Personal Materials – If you are working on a personal project or book bring that along so you can focus your renewed energy.

Walking/Running Shoes – a must have to enjoy the amazing outdoors.

Alcohol – the Pathways Team will not be providing/serving alcohol. If you would like to drink outside of the scheduled retreat sessions, please bring your own alcohol. There are a number of beer, wine and liquor stores in Whistler village.

Cash – for meals that are not included in the retreat cost or to enjoy a treatment or two with the Pathways Wellness crew. During the retreat you will have an opportunity to sign-up for a variety of treatments such as massage or Reiki or one-on-one private coaching/consulting sessions.

Writing Materials – each participant will receive paper and a pen for note-taking and session exercises. If you prefer to capture your notes in your own notebook, please bring it along.

Mug – please bring your favourite coffee mug or tea cup with you.

A Special Item – if you have an item that represents what ‘leadership’ means to you or an item that grounds you in your ‘leadership’ role, please bring it along. If the item is not suitable to bring with you, take a picture of it and bring the picture along.


Have a different question? Include it in the comment box below and we’ll add it to this FAQ page.

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